Wednesday 7 February 2018

Work Mates Rule

So after seeing the doctor yesterday I was feeling a bit down. I had arranged to meet up with my team from work. They very kindly made the drive to where I live and we had a lovely dinner together. At the end of the evening I was presented with a huge amount of really thoughtful gifts; pyjamas for hospital, colouring books and pencils to help with boredom, toiletries, chocolate, biscuits and quite possibly the best pre mastectomy boob cake I ever did see. 

I'd told the guys that I thought we should have a bit of a party for the left boob ahead of my mastectomy and this just made me roar. A good sense of humour and good old laughs are often the best medicine through tough times. They even made boob straws for us all to drink from!

So lovely to see everyone. Thank you so much - what a fantastic team I have. x

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