Friday 26 January 2018


So having left my last appointment yesterday feeling very upset and angry I decided to go about researching everything myself.

At this point I am adamant I still want a double (bilateral) mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction. DIEP reconstruction is where a flap of skin and fat (no muscle) is taken from the tummy area and used to form a new boob. The skin and fat are taken from between the belly button and the groin along with the artery and veins. It is called DIEP because Deep blood vessels called the Inferior Epigastric Perforators are used.

There are so many other different flap options but this is the one I wanted because it only takes fat and skin, not muscle. The back flap (LD) operation that MR H had offered me would use muscle and the thought of that just made me feel sick. Besides,I defo had enough fat to make a pair of GG's on my tummy!

I joined a few faceboook groups for women suffering with breast cancer and asked lots of different questions.
I called Macmillan and asked them some questions too -mainly about DIEP flap surgery. So here's what I learnt:

- Unless you have the BRAC gene you are unlikely to be offered a bilateral mastectomy in the UK if only one breast is affected but you can fight for it.
- If you choose to fight for a bilateral mastectomy you will first need to be referred to a psychologist - likely delaying your operation.
- Gene testing on the NHS involves your consultant writing a letter to the lab recommending you for testing. They may not accept you if you do not meet the criteria.
- In the US you are automatically offered both a bilateral mastectomy and a hysterectomy if you have the gene.
- When you have radiotherapy it tightens your skin so any reconstruction will be affected and it's likely that further surgery will be needed.
- Not all reconstruction operations are available at all hospitals. I would need to be referred to another if I want to have the DIEP.
- You can only have DIEP flap surgery once. So if you have a unilateral mastectomy (just one boob) and you need another later down the line then you cannot have anymore tissue taken from your tummy.

So where do I stand now? Yesterday was horrendous but I couldn't just leave it at that. I'd have to get my own answers.

Having asked advice in many discussion groups, spoken to Macmillan team on the phone (who were absolutely fantastic) and having done my own research including contacting private hospitals for advice, I have decided that I am willing to run with the unilateral mastectomy with the expander and silicone implant. I will await the result of the histology and if  Im happy with the result of the implant and once any additional treatment is complete THEN I will proceed to have the risk reducing surgery on the right.

For peace of mind I want to request an MRI to be completely sure that there is no disease on the right and I also want to push for the genetic testing to see the risk for me and for my daughter in years to come.

I call my breast nurse and request an appointment with a different consultant - not Mr H. She agrees to book me in..

Two hours later I'm happy, I have an appointment on Tuesday to discuss everything, this time with the hospitals Lead Clinician for Breast Services.

I have a list of questions at the ready!

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