Saturday 10 February 2018

Meeting the Neurologist

So as you know. I was referred by my GP to see a neurologist because my brain has been going a little crazy recently.

 I check in myself by scanning the appointment letter and head around to the waiting area. There are screens around the room that list each clinic and whether it is on time or delayed. I squint to see 'NEUROLOGY OUTPATIENTS - CLINIC 5 -29 MINUTES'.

29 minutes waiting time is less than we usually wait in the breast clinic so I'm unfazed. Another TV is showing the Winter Olympics opening ceremony - without sound. Whenever a patient is called their is a doorbell sound and their name comes up on the screen along with the clinic number they should go to. Very modern!

An hour passes and I check in with reception to make sure I haven't been forgotten. The screen is still showing 29 minutes delay but it's now 11.30 and my appointment was supposed to be 10.30. The receptionist puts my details in to the computer - yes there is a 29 minute wait. I explain I'm aware of that but it's been 65. She looks at me confused and tells me its a very busy clinic. Thanks for that Susan, I'd never have guessed.

Just as I'm about to head to the toilet, the bell chimes and my name appears on the screen. Typical.

The doctor apologises for my wait and explains that he's on call and keeps getting bleeped. We run through the GPs referral and my symptoms and he makes lots of notes on my file. We talk about my cancer diagnosis and losing Dad. I tell him I'm sure there's nothing sinister going on and it's just stress. He agrees it's a very stressful time for me.

He asks me to move to sit on the edge of the bed and he does various visual tests on me with his light. He checks my reflexes and we do various push and pull exercises. At the end he tells me that I do appear to have a slight weakness on my left side.

Given all of the symptoms and the tests he has done he wants to send me for an MRI just to be sure there isn't anything untoward causing my mental blips. He explains it usually takes 2 weeks to get an appointment so it will likely happen after my mastectomy now.

I leave feeling positive. I'm sure the MRI will come back fine but it will be good to have it done just to confirm it's all definitely clear.

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