Thursday 8 February 2018

MRI Results and Psychologist

Finally some good news. It looks like the MRI has come back clear on the right side. The full report still needs to go through MDT next Wednesday so my operation will now take place on Monday 19th February and even better news, Mr M will be looking after me from now on and will be doing the surgery himself. I leave the breast clinic and head upstairs to meet Mr B - the psychologist.

I'm strangely excited to be seeing a shrink but I have no idea what to expect. As I sit and wait I imagine laying on a chaise longue and pouring my heart out. In reality, I walk in and sit on a chair opposite Mr B. He's friendly and noting my obvious disappointment and the lack of a movie style set he apologises.

He explains how the session works and asks me what I hope to get from the session. I explain I want to try and separate my cancer journey from my Dads. I tell him I am still grieving. I tell him I want to ensure that all my decisions are made based on fact rather than fear. I mention my work worries too. We talk for over an hour and he tells me he's impressed with how I'm already analysing each step within my situation, taking my career skills and using them to help me along my journey.

The session is such a positive experience. It's so nice to talk to a stranger about my problems, my life - someone with no interest other than helping me, you can talk without feeling you're burdening.

I leave on a high. He knows Im making the right decision for me as far as the risk reducing surgery but he suggests I see him again following my mastectomy to talk again.

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